Where are you located?

We have two locations click them to your right - Dundalk & Cavan.

Are you male or female ONLY?

No, all our classes are mixed.

What type of classes do you have?

We do Circuit/ Bootcamp style workouts as these are best for optimal results in minimum time. We also do Boxercise on a Wednesday to mix things up and take out some anger management

Do you's help with Diet?

Yes, we will help you with your diet as much as you like. We start with basic stuff and then build from there depending on the clients goals.
We won't force any nonsense down your throat as we believe in simple and practical diet principles so that you can enjoy your life day to day.
But no We don't have a magic pill and we won't babysit you when it comes to Diet!

Are there Mirrors in your Gym?

Nope, we have no mirrors and this helps greatly to provide the fun positive atmosphere we aspire to with no posers or negativity.

Will you roar and shout in my face to "push me on"?

Nope, we will encourage you to try your best but also to take breathers when needed and to do easier alternatives when required. Remember, Fitness & Health is a lifetime goal that requires time and patience. We will help you chip at the block and get a little better every day.

Do you have a Timetable?

Yes you can check out our class timetable for each location by clicking - Dundalk or Cavan