Get Lean In 12 Weeks At Dutchy's Fitness

Exercise is essential for everyone, but it is especially important for women. Women's health needs are unique, and exercise can play a vital role in promoting good health. Exercise can help prevent diseases and improve mental health. To enjoy the full benefits of exercise, it is crucial to find an enjoyable activity that fits your needs. 


At Dutchy's Fitness, you will find your way through your fitness goals. We offer a ladies 12 weeks intense program that is ideal for getting in shape. We will be your teammate in your journey to make you feel motivated and get the glow-up you dream of. 




12 Weeks To Get Lean


The 12 Week Get Lean Project is our top exercises program designed for people that want to get in shape. It's a small personal training group composed of 3 to 6 people. You will find a trainer to take you through the routines in each session. 


Signing up for the program will provide you with: 


Unlimited access to any group training.

Personalized nutrition guides through the journey.

A planner helps to design your schedule and accomplish your workout routines. 


With our personalized help and training, you will transform your body and share a success story. 


Is It Worth It? 


Some people find exercising tiring and unnecessary. However, health should be taken as seriously as any other aspect of your life. Thanks to our program, you will be able to:  


  • Enjoy beach and pool holidays without feeling self-conscious. 

  • Your body will be thankful to you because you will sleep better. 

  • Get a personalized nutrition program so you can still eat the foods you love. 

  • A booklet to make notes as you go

  • Learn how to train correctly

  • Fit better into all your clothes

  • Get leaner and toned


Change Your Lifestyle In No Time


At Dutchy's Fitness, you will find a service worth the price. Our trainers will always be with you looking for you. Depending on your goals, we will start with the basic stuff and then build from there. We have a gym in Dundalk where you can go and sign up any day. We have another gym located in Cavan, so you can go to the one that's closer to your home. 


You will not regret signing up for this challenge!