11 Weeks Clean

I talked ages ago on here about a few little changes I made to my day

Such as charging my phone down stairs and not checking it until 9am on days when I am not away first thing

This has been going well and I try to push it out until 10am as much as possible

Has helped get a serious amount of reading done and even start the day with some productive work distraction free

And since we came back from the honeymoon in early April I deleted Instagram and Facebook off my phone so I am now 11 Weeks clean of Instagram

I go into FB now and again via the browser and use it on my laptop as I need it for business

But I haven't been on Instagram at all (Lorraine runs it in case you are wondering how it is updated) and FB time is very little so there is very little Internet scrolling being done

This has also helped with my reading as I use spare time for that and also with my productivity cause if I am bored I will just reply to an email or a FB message

Which means I am well caught up by the time I hit the laptop so I can get stuck into work and be done quicker

While I won't say I am sooo much happier and happy clappy without the Social Media scrolling

I do think it really helps and is something we have to guard against


And it's absolutely VITAL for people that are very busy to protect your time better

The older I get the less I buy the "I don't have time" BS that people spout

We all have more time in our day if we actually want to sit down and review where we are pissing our time away

Instead of putting ourselves up on some high horse that I would do this, that and the other only I'm so much busier than everyone else

Of course it's "easy for him/ her but they don't have the problems I have"

A typical pity party and woe is me nonsense


We always find time to do the things that we REALLY want to do


The ONLY exceptions to this rule are the periods of time going through exceptional hard times like death in families or family members sick and most people will go through periods of that in their life

But if you find you NEVER have time throughout the course of your life then maybe it's time for a quick review

and for me scrolling social media too much can take away so much productive or chill time

In order to get shape we just need to look at things as


were can I get some more activity in

What times in the week could I schedule a good tough workout in

What simple steps can I take with my Diet to make life a little easier for myself


1 simple trick is to not blow all your good work during the week by having 3000 and 4000 calories days over the weekend,

every wkend

So have a good weekend but keep that in mind ​

Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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