#2 Key Points To Improve Mental Health

They say that suicides are highest around Xmas time

Due to the fact that we are SUPPOSE to be happy and everyone around us is "happy" which of course is rarely the case

and unfortunately people fall into this BS 

I'm no Mental Health expert and don't claim to be one but have done a few Personal Development courses over the years

And read plenty of books/ podcasts etc and have picked up a few things

And working in this game it's obviously a big part of it as it's a big mental game

People working will always talk about how it's great for headspace and I came across this interesting piece of science the other day:

"In the January/February 2011 edition of Scientific American Mind, Winnie Yu reports that while neurotic behavior can increase an individual’s chances of losing weight, an attitude of optimism can, in fact, send someone’s health and fitness in the opposite direction.

Psychiatrist C. Robert Cloninger of the Washington University School of Medicine has long studied the effect of personality traits on eating habits.

His findings correlate with the published research of Dr. Hitomi Saito of Doshisha University in Japan.

In a six-month study of 101 obese patients, Dr. Saito and his colleagues found that participants who tested high on optimism struggled with their weight loss goals far more than those individuals whose personalities were classified as more neurotic.

The neurotic individuals tended to worry more about consequences and imaginatively magnify the possible residual effects.

This trait led them to adhere more strictly to a dietary regime, as opposed to the more optimistic individuals who would more frequently go off their program believing that it would all work out for them.

Another trait that impeded weight loss was that of agreeableness.

Agreeable people were more prone to peer pressure, causing them to divert from their program, as opposed to more “difficult” personalities that were less concerned about hurting people’s feelings than they were avoiding consequences of their actions.

These were individuals that would be more likely to stay on point even if it meant they had to, as Yu put it, “hurt mom’s feelings by saying no to her apple pie.”

Another correlation that makes sense is likely attributed to activity of the dopamine pathways in the brain.

Dr. Saito found a direct link between the degree to which a person scored on the trait of “novelty seeking” and those individuals Body Mass Index (BMI)."

^^^^^^ Very Interesting isn't it?

That last sentence on "novelty seeking" is so true and something I've came across before

People trying to be successful in any area of life ( Lose weight, build a business etc) just hop about from program to program

Never sticking anything long enough to get any proper results

The other 2 points are also really good I think

1 - Stop with the happy clappy BS and get your shizzle together 

2 - Stop being so agreeable and tell dumbasses to do one, politely if needs be

Maybe you took something different from it?

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