3 sure things in Life

So the election in the UK is coming up very soon and of course you would have to be living under a rock not to know this

The main reason I have a slight idea of what is going on isn't due to watching the news or keeping up with current affairs

it's by the classic scroll through FB or Twitter Newsfeeds 

And how animated/ passionate people get about these things can be fun to watch 

And if there's 3 sure things in life that I would struggle to get into any sort of heated "Debate" with anyone 

It is




If anyone wants my opinion I'll give it, especially on Nutrition for obvious reasons

But if anyone wants  to get all worked up and firing "Facts" back at me then fudge that

^^^^^ Gotta love some "Facts" and "Data" that usually leave out some super important info

I couldn't be arsed with that

For the simple reason that 90% of people don't actually want to debate and see various sides of it

They just want to ram their beliefs down your throat

And how people who are self employed see the benefit of getting into political and Religious "debates" on Social Media is beyond me

No matter what you do there is a very good chance your gonna irritate some customers 

Which probably won't go down well

And as I've said numerous times when it comes to diet

We have our beliefs and think things should be done a certain way

But that's not to say there are lots of people doing things completely different to our beliefs and are getting great results doing it and are happy with it

It's all dependent on a lot of variables such as goals, time commitments etc

It's when people do different things and get nowhere when we will step in and suggest they change things up

Sometimes it's just best to keep your opinion to yourself

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PS Whenever you're ready,

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