4 Tips For Dealing with Xmas

It's a funny time of year xmas

I love it and it's always great to meet up and do a bit more eating and drinking than any other week

But then what goes up must come down and unfortunately some people can come down very hard post xmas

and suicides rates are apparently at their highest around Xmas and January 

so of course it's not just as simple as letting everything go and enjoying it

I can only speak for myself on this and everyone has their own way

But there's over indulging and enjoying yourself for a few days 

and there's taking the piss and then having a massive downer after it

So here's what I do to try and avoid that massive downer which may or may not work for you

But at least 1 idea might help

Enjoy It


Just admit to yourself that an extra pound or 2 might go on over a few days and realise it will come back off handy enough when you get back at it the following week

A week off isn't going to be the end of the world 

It's the lack of energy and general crap feeling that get's me down as I don't pass much remarks on my weight

But once you accept that after a week you will be back to normal then it's just a matter of grinding through those first few days

Get Protein in early in the day

Keep the brekkie solid with Protein oats or eggs and then you should be set up ok for the day

Fill up on meat and veg on the meals so at least you have that covered and enjoy the deserts etc around that

Get moving

even just get odd for the odd walk here and there and some stretching.

I'll probably get to the pool a few times for a light bit

But no point going beast mode as that probably do more harm than good after late nights and poor diet choices

Drink lots 

Of water I mean.

Again, do this early before going on the lash in the evening so at least you are hydrated and the water will help flush things out of the system

But like I said,

These are helpful little tips to do here and there over Xmas week and really any sort of holiday week

It's getting that balance of enjoying things without feeling like a total sack of shite for a period of time after

Especially when some people really struggle with the down period after and can make tragic decisions


just my 2 cents

And don't forget,

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^^^^ The joys of modern technology

Think Big And Kick Ass


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