5 Steps to Health when Busy

Received this email from a member not so long back:

Hi Darragh, Sorry for late reply, it’s very busy with 2 kids under 2!! Thanks for your email below & attachments which are very informative. I am sticking to the food plan as much as I can so thanks for that. I am now loving the classes - so tough at the start but they are getting more manageable but challenging all the same. The guys are great for changing it up everyday, no two classes have been the same. I particularly love all the different time options for classes with no pre booking required, it just makes it so much easier. I’ve deffo seen significant change in my body so that is a big motivator to keep going. What are the options for me after the 6 week programme re continuing with classes?

Having 2 kids under the age of 2 I would imagine is as busy as it gets and a legit excuse to not having enough time

But here are 5 simple little tips to improving your health when busy.

1 - Full body workouts - Unless you are a 20 year old "bro" with lots of time on your hands you shouldn't be doing split training.

Yes, it's ok to mix things up and do a bit more legs or a bit more chest here and there but your workouts should be focused on Full Body training

2 - No Bookings - When you are busy you never know when you will need to get in and get the job done.

Flexibility is key here

3 - Sensible Nutrition - People can talk all they want but we will all succumb to that bar of chocolate or that glass of wine at some stage.

Deal with that from the start and work from there rather than feeling like a failure when it happens

^^^^^ Feeling like a failure is never going to get you the results you want in any goal

4 - Variety in your workouts - As if life can't be tedious enough sometimes from work to paying bills the last thing you need is to be bored to tears with your exercise program

A few little changes here and there to keep things fresh will work wonders

5 - Fun Workouts & Environment - Get in an environment with like minded people where you can enjoy it,

again, as if we don't have enough stress and BS in our lives the last thing we want is to have to go to the gym to listen to more of it

We will do that for a week or 2 max but eventually we will make our excuses and jack it in

whereas a fun positive environment will make all the difference to sticking things out.

So just think when you say you have "tried everything"

have you really tried those 5 points?

Before you leave,

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As always make sure to start the week right


Think Big And Kick Ass


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