Every time I go to a Fitness course and guys are making the example of a client doing such and such Her name is always Mary So I received this email last week from a Personal Training client me and Lorraine have been working with  and seeing as she want's to keep her name out of it Let's call her Mary Here's what "Mary" had to say Hello Lorraine, Just looking back on goals when I started PT so happy that I going in the right direction. August goals -Goals are improved fitness, mental health but mostly example to the 3 kids on the importance and benefits of diet and exercise. I am telling them but not doing anything!  I have "got away with it" for years but definitely since I turned 40 I am feeling sluggish and weight is creeping on. For future I suppose I would like to loose a few more pounds and inches by end of January but I'm not going to dwell on that part.  I have realised since I started the poor impact of sitting all day particularly on back and posture so hopefully we can continue to work on that over coming weeks. I have attached Food Diary for this week -  will you have a look and see if anything I could be improving on. Also what protein is it you add to porridge  - nice to get something warm these cold mornings, Thanks to you and Darragh for all your help so far. ^^^^^ So much great info in there Obviously I'm thinking more about parenting and such things and I find it interesting that everyone wants such great things for their children in all walks of life But surely instead of telling your children to do XYZ, it's better to show them and set some sort of example Easier said than done of course but can still be done all the same "Mary" has started tracking her calories and got her activity levels up and was just telling me in our last session  I've got great results yet it doesn't even feel like that much work ^^^^^ Yep, simple consistency is key Tracking calories takes so much stress away it's crazy and simply getting 2 good workouts in a week and upping your activity levels can help you make great progress The food diary and help tracking calories is available for any members that want it so always remember that if you feel you have hit a wall >>>> Just give us a shout <<<< And if you want to make a start on it then our 6 Week Transformation program is starting THIS WEEK so reply to this email with "6 Week" and you can nab one of the remaining places Either way Make sure to start the week right #NeverMissAMonday Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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