We see it regularly in our sessions

People in their 20's and 30's really struggling while people much older beast through it

We forget that when in our 20's we tend to party a lot and then suffer from our partying

Plus we don't usually have much idea of what to do with ourselves 

As we get older we appreciate our time more and party/ drink less

well most people do

The past few years in the football I have felt as good and as fresh as I've ever done

and it's something 

Tedy Bruschi, a famous American Football player, was part of a very good defence who had 3 key players in their mid 30's 

and he once said when asked about their age

"We don't pass any remarks on any of that and what people say

When we play well it's because we are experienced 

when we play bad they say it's because we are too old!"

I thought that was very good and also true

Young people make mistakes and have no energy and no one passes any remarks

As soon as we get a little older everything is due to Old age

We we're actually talking about it at the Dundalk night out on Saturday night there 

Some people seem to be happy to hit a certain age, even as young as mid 30's to 40's and say

That's it, I'm done. Just not fit to do anything anymore

Something tells me these people weren't exactly energy bunnies in their 20's either but still

We need to stop with the pity parties

and how do I know this

Cause I see it every day of the week in the gyms 

And last week was just another example when we put up 2 pictures of Ryan 

In one he is 30

and in the other he is 37 on his wedding day and weighs 48, yes FOURTY EIGHT pounds lighter

That's over 3 stone

So next time someone starts making excuses about how they can't do XYZ because of their age

Tell them to can it and get the finger out

To send Ryan some love just check his pic out here


​Also, The Dundalk night out was great craic and went well  The Cavan one is now this coming Saturday so we hope to see you in Mc Mahons for 9:30 kick off Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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