American Football & Muay Thai for Gainzz?

Back in September 2006 I was starting out at college in Edinburgh after doing 2 years in Belfast

It's a savage city and somewhere you should defo try to hit whether it's for some site seeing and chilling or going on the lash

class spot

Of course I had to keep my training up and also wanted to try new things so took up American Football

The trainings weren't very tough though and was actually embarrassing to hear the lads talk about these "Suicide runs" at the end that we're so tough and brutal

but was like a GAA warm up <<< {honestly lads in their early 20's getting sick from a few short runs was desperate to look at, hungover or not}

so i had to look up something else

I came across a Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing) class and loved it

Went 2/3 evenings a week and then a Sunday class as well no matter if fresh or hungover

For a few months I had a great routine of training Muay Thai during the week and an American Football game on the Sunday

As much as I enjoyed the Football I was getting a bit bored of it by Xmas as just too many muppets about the place and I went to Edinburgh to try to get away from that

Turned out the team folded half way during the season as the manager packed it in

So I just done the Muay Thai flat out

The weird thing was then when I flew home at wkends for GAA matches I was flying fit, felt better than ever

I didn't know it at the time but it was the first time I had came across Cross Training and how essential it is to your fitness & health long term

especially if your any sort of athlete who want's to compete

My big regret was the following year I decided to play the Gaelic

it was the usual nonsense of shite training and shite talking and I would of been better off doing another year of the Muay Thai for the training and just more enjoyment

There is a massive uptake in MMA these days and it is a great sport to do. It's just a pity there's not more of it locally with well run clubs

The point is to understand the importance of being fresh, trying new things and knowing your body


Of course resistance training and solid cardio are going to be your staples in a proper program

But there is usually ways to mix things up around that

Even this season in the football I made a conscious decision to MISS more sessions this year as I felt all the running had a factor on injuries and lack of freshness last year, but especially the injuries

So I have hit the pool and rower more to get my cardio in and I'm feeling better than ever and most importantly injury free

Hopefully it stays like that now for the rest of the year


Something for you to think about if your one of these super ambitious/ loves training type of folk


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