Back to the Future Fitness Style

At the minute I'm reading a short book title

Letters From A Self- Made Merchant To His Son

by George Horace Lorimer

and it's about a father writing letters to his son who is away at college and trying to start into work and the big bad world

Each chapter is a letter and just 4-5 pages long. One letter is about the son throwing gifts and money at some woman he's chasing and about how if that's all she wants him for then he's better off without

Another chapter he is warning him of people that always seem to promise the world but yet they somehow disappear when the action starts

and in another the son has took a huff with his boss and the father is writing that while his boss isn't perfect he is actually very good at what he does so the son should tighten up and deal with it


he has little stories throughout the book to back himself up

But the most interesting part of it all is that the book was written in 1901

yes, 1901  <<<<<<<

So well over 100 years ago and the book may as well be written nowadays


what does this rambling have to do with Fitness?

That while the old school term of


"Eat Less, Exercise more" is very simplistic and doesn't give much info

Is it really any different to the recent quotes of "Calorie F***ing Deficit" and #neatup247

We have just changed how we track our eating less and we have definatley changed how we exercise and what we do

And even though we are drowning in information and Fitness is a MASSIVE industry we as a country are bigger than ever and have more health problems than ever

And while their is a lot of issues going here a big one is the fact that people can't just stick to the basics and be patient with them, it really doesn't take anything fancy

But the lesson is that while it's great to educate yourself and we should all want to keep our fingers on the pulse

The more things change

the more they stay the same

People love to push their own ideas, especially when there's a few bob to be made, even though they haven't given them a long enough time period to see if they are really any more effective than the current method being used

which is why it's always good to test things out ourselves and have an open mind to things.

Think Big And Kick Ass


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