Can You Believe What Billy Said?

A few weeks back we sent out a message to everyone on our Facebook messenger list to see how they are getting on

While responses will always vary from enthusiastic to cranky

One lad replied saying

You can't help me,

You don't have the knowledge,

It's not your fault but you just don't

After some chit chat over and back it turns out he has 7 stone to lose and various health issues 

While we may not be miracle workers or experts in EVERYTHING health related 

I would reckon there's a VERY good chance we could help him and I would imagine he only needs to focus on the very basics to get going

and just some gentle encouragement along the way as no matter what injuries people have their is usually something that can be done

The real pity is when people get Mental Blocks like that

I'm not having a pop, it's something we all suffer with to varying degrees and this is obviously an extreme case

So many people are CONVINCED no one can help them with their Fitness & Health and it leads them getting into a deeper and deeper hole with their health

And this deeper hole leads to further and further health issues which all tend to originate around the issues of having too much weight on and not doing enough movement

Of course I'm no doctor and won't pretend to be one but in my experience I'm a firm believer that 

Movement is medicine 

^^^^^ Think I might be a hippy in a few years as believe more and more in these things

And eating good quality food and getting some quality movement would improve the nations health so much more if we could get people started on a little bit

But I'm not a psychologist either so that's another things that's easier said than done.....

For now, all we can do is try to show a positive influence to those around us and win our own battles

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Think Big And Kick Ass


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