Can You Do The Marshmallow Test?

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Credit for this post goes to Mike Samuels who is another dude I follow for all things related to writing emails and running a business

it's long so I will get straight into it but while he is referring to business and material BS 

The EXACT same philosophy applies to your health when it comes to deciding to workout or not 

Or when deciding what to eat:


In 1970, psychologist Walter Mischel conducted a study known commonly as ‘The Marshmallow Test.’

A child was offered the choice -

They could have one marshmallow now, or, if they waited 15 minutes, they could have two marshmallows.

In follow-up tests years later, Mischel and researchers found something amazing -

The children who were able to forego the immediate reward, and wait longer in order to get a double reward did better in multiple aspects of life - from SAT scores, to educational success, to BMI, than those who took the reward immediately.

Essentially, those who were able to exercise delayed gratification, did better in life.

We see this in business a LOT.

It’s something I’ve been guilty of at times.

Certainly when I started bringing in more money than just what I needed to get by, I completely neglected delayed gratification.

I would eat more meals out.

Buy more clothes.

Look at stuff I could just about afford, and think - “Why not?”

As time when by though, I realised there were a lot of excellent reasons NOT to do this.

I’m not one of these people who says everyone should spend an arbitrary amount of their income on coaching or mentoring or courses.

Nor would I try to even suggest how people should spend their money.

I think you should do what makes you happy.

But for me, I realised that an “I have it, so I’ll spend it” attitude led to -

- Way more financial stress

- Constantly feeling like I NEEDED business

- Frustration at not being able to save for a house deposit

- A low sense of self-worth. I’d always thought of myself as someone who wasn’t particularly materialistic, and spending lots went against my value system.

These days, I live off around 30% of my income.

(20% on frugal months, 50% if I’m feeling particularly baller.)

But it makes for a MUCH happier life.

I can invest in whatever I want.

I have zero stress.

I don’t need to think about what I spend, or if I have something unexpected come up.

And it means if I want to take it easier in business, and have a few months where I kick back, I can.

It amazes me when people say they’re struggling in their business, but they’re still having lunch out every day.

Or they’re buying coffees from Costa and Starbucks.

Or they have £80 a month phone contracts, buy watches on finance, go on 5-star holidays, or live well above their means.

If it makes them happy?


And there’s absolutely an argument that in a social media-obsessed world, a business owner has to present a facade of success.

That might mean the odd ‘look at what I have’ photo.

It’s positioning, I guess.

But if you’re struggling with consistent income, delayed gratification is just about the most important skill you can learn.

It’s definitely not sexy.

It might mean the odd boring night in.

Making your own coffee.

Or - shock horror - learning to cook.

But for me, those ‘sacrifices’ are well worth it if it means you have that money to put into ads, hire a good mentor, or live each day with a little less stress.

And if it means, in a year or two’s time, you can do all that (and more) from a place of much greater financial security.

Even if all it does is allow you to operate from less of a scarcity mindset, so you never have to beg people to work with you?

Well that to me, is a good enough reason as any to practice delayed gratification.


While the business part may bore you

The Delayed Gratification idea is essential to long term success in anything and is getting harder and harder for people to do

With INSTANT access and INSTANT Gratification to everything all around us

I thought it was interesting anyway

Make sure to get the week started right


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