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"How much is it?" Maybe a question you've been wanting to ask me and DEFINITELY the most common question I get asked regarding our new 12 Week Online Nutritional Coaching program which is starting on the 30th September BTW <<< So let's cut to the chase I mean, I could do what a lot of people in business do and try and skirt and slide around the price... or try and pressure you into something with some slick sales tactic But here's the deal... I don't want to do that. You don't want me to do that and I don't need to do that, either It's uncomfortable, awkward as hell for both of us So here's the deal Our program works like gangbusters The results speak for themselves our money back guarantee? makes it risk free and all for just €3.34 a day  or in other words  The cost of a Coffee (depends where you are of course) the same cost of a couple of pints that so many people have every weekend the same cost of a couple of bars of chocolate that so many people have every day the difference? our program will change your fudging life radically upgrade your confidence get you the body you've wanted for so long and transform your health and energy  I'll leave you with this - A pint - 2 lattes - a transformational program? This program won't just TELL you what to do like every other "Diet" program out there We will EDUCATE you on what to do so YOU can decide for yourself the rest of your life and KNOW what needs to be done  So if you're interested just reply with "Online Coaching" as the subject line if you're ready to step up Just be sure to note this is for NON MEMBERS only and people that can't make the facility Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

1 - If you want a bit of inspiration to get you going this morning then be sure to check out this link

2 - Every month we open the doors to our now famous 6 Week Transformation Program for people to get started on their fitness journey.

If you would like to get started then just reply to me here with "6 Week Program" and I will get back to you ASAP and we can see if it's for you.

3 - We also offer more private coaching in our Get Lean Project so if you would like to take things to another level then reply to me with "Private Coaching" and I will get back to you.

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