Do You Find This Odd?

I can't for the life of me imagine myself doing ANYTHING for a period of 8-12 weeks that I find beneficial for myself in any sort of way

and then just randomly jacking it in

Unless something tragic and really out of the blue happened in my life

But I guess it's human nature and something that comes with the territory

Every now and then in the gym someone will come and they are REALLY down

Fed up with their weight

Fed up with their poor energy levels

Fed up with "Trying everything" and getting nowhere

and just fed up in general

After a few months of going great and making great progress they just VANISH


Like a Fart in the Wind as they say

Never to be seen again

Sometimes you will hear that they are doing some other form of decent training somewhere else

Which is good that they are at least keeping it up as maybe that gym suits them better

But a lot of the time they just vanish and are never seen again

And arn't doing any training anywhere

Which I just think is a really odd thing to do in any area of your life and obviously just something to do with our human nature and deeper issues

Take for instance Meditation

I've tried it a few times and you actually do feel a calming influence afterwards

During times of stress it's defo worth checking out and if I was pulling my hair out going mental I would defo have to try it again

and I will defo go back to it if I feel like I am stressed and about to lose my shizzle

But as I'm happy out these days I just don't feel like I have to

Maybe someday

But if was highly stressed and meditation was working for me

and then I quit to go back to being highly stressed

That would probably be a bit of a dumbass idea I would of thought

So it's probably a deeper issue for some genius psychologist to figure out

But for simple folk like me

It gives a good reason why you should never go to long before doing that "Thing" that's good for you

If it's a workout and you have missed a week or 2 get back at it ASAP

If it's reading a book get back into the habit ASAP

whatever it is

Don't go to long and let the habit get away from you

And speaking of good habits

On Monday the 3rd of February we will be starting a BRAND NEW training program in our 12 Week Get Lean Project

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making sure you are lifting weight's correctly and getting your questions answered

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If you're interested in that or not always remember the golden rule


Think Big And Kick Ass



Whenever you're ready,

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