Dundalk Personal Trainer Gets First Troll

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

We have finally made it boys and girls and have our first ever troll

It's only took us 10 years in business but apparently you're a nobody until you have some dimwit taking everything you do out of context and commenting on not 1

but 2 different posts in the same week!

So as you know Lorraine is pregnant and we have been BLESSED that it has been plain sailing so far and please god things remain that way

naturally enough we have started studying pregnancy health & fitness and all things babies and Fitness a lot more than we have in the past

and some of the results are pretty interesting

Not least that Lorraine had to go to Omagh to see a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist as there is no one about these parts doing it and only one other lady across the North (Who is actually in Enniskillen but is off on maternity leave so this one lady is up to her eyes covering all)

The shortage of information out there on all things pregnancy training seems to be frighteningly low

Other than

Oh my god your pregnant, you shouldn't be doing any exercise at all as that will only harm the baby

with zero actual science backing any of that up

Put it this way, the lady in Omagh said that in France women get 10 of those sessions paid for by the government and France has the lowest rate of pregnancy injuries/ problems etc

^^^^^ we are only new to this too so are learning things as we go but that's pretty interesting

O and she also encouraged Lorraine to "keep doing what you're doing"

Of course not everyone can do this and some pregnancies are worse than others and some people go through awful times with it

And we don't know what's around the corner for us either

But surely if more women start doing all these basics like correct exercising and better Diet then we can have healthier pregnancies across the board

and that's why the information will continue to go out there

I will also push the second post she commented as an ad cause the info is very good and useful

and also so she will see it everyday which is purely for my own amusement

On a completely separate note she also commented that for a page of over 10000 followers we didn't get many likes or comments which shows even more ignorance as it is well known that only about `1% of a Business pages audience will EVEN see any given post

as FB want you to run ads and give them bucks which is why any business just posting on their page and not running ads are missing a trick


In case you missed it you can have a nosey here at the link and make sure to read the post to actually get some benefit from the post as well as we all know someone in our lives having babies either now or soon enough


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