Dundalk Personal Trainer Pregnancy Journey

I cannot believe that I am 12 weeks post partum. - Jamie is 3 months old today, they have been the best 3 months of my life so far. Last night Jamie had his first proper giggle and was smiling loads, it was such a special moment and we were both there to witness it 😁💙. - I have lost 2.5kg /5.5 pounds in the last 11 weeks. - That isn't anything major, when you think of the time frame. - BUT I AM DROPPING BODY FAT WHILE MAINTAINING/ADDING LEAN MUSCLE. - So the number on the scales doesn't bother me, it is only one of the pieces to the puzzle. The scales doesn't account for muscle built, so for example if 1 week I lose 1 pound of fat and add 1 pound of muscle, the number on the scales will be the same. - I measure my progress by taking pictures every 4 weeks or so. If I didn't take these pictures, I would be pretty annoyed with the "lack of progress" or "slow progress". - I also measure my progress based on how I'm feeling/performing in the gym. At week one I couldnt even do 1 push up off my knees, today I can do 2 full push ups with good technique. - I also measure progress based on how my clothes are fitting. - I will be doing a video on this next week so keep an eye out for that. - It has been challenging at different points, obviously adjusting to life as a mother and trying to balance my own goals with Jamie's needs. There are good days where I'm buzzing to get shit done and bad days where I'm not bothered at all and want to eat the house which has happened too. - But 90% of the time I show up, and get it done. - By getting it done I mean my hit my goals: - ✔10k steps per day. ✔4 weight sessions per week. ✔hit my protein targets. ✔walk on days when I'm not doing gym session. ✔hit my calorie targets. ✔eat at least 6 types of vegetables per day. - I am not eating crazy low calories, I am eating in a small deficit that I can adhere to and can sustain long term. - I am really enjoying the process and the challenge that it brings. - Motivation is not the reason that I have been successful with my goals. - Discipline on the other hand is. - Discipline is just doing the things that I said I would do, especially when I don't feel like doing them.

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