Dundalk Personal Trainer Pregnancy Workout

Today's workout was upper body focuses💪🤰. . I completed 3 rounds of each exercise and did 12 reps on each. . Weights took 35 mins and I did a 15 minute walk after the weights. . Definitely feeling alot weaker than I normally would, but thats to be expected. . Pre pregnancy, the focus would of been to increase the weight and get stronger. Now my goal is just to keep fit and maintain any strength as best I can. . A1. Db Incline chest press. A2. DbSingle arm row. . B1. Db seated shoulder press. B2. Bb bent over row. B3. Bb upright row. . C1.Db curl standing. C2.Db push press. C3. Db skull crusher. . D1. Banded face pull. D2. Banded tricep push down.

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