Dundalk PT's Offers Weight Loss Meal Plans

So for the next 2 weeks I'm going to take a little push towards Diet & Nutrition in these emails 

There are 2 reasons for this:

1 - It is a massive area that is holding a lot of people back from making any steady progress

2 - We have an Online Nutrition coaching program starting on the 30th of September and we are taking 5 people on board for it

and only 5 as Lorraine will be working with these people 1-2-1 via email and she is pregnant so if I land her with 20 odd people I shall be feeling the thunder of these pregnancy hormones

which ain't pretty

So I'm going to use these emails to try to put out good quality information that you can actually put to use 

and if you like the information and want something extra then you can let me know

or for those that don't like it then there's always the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the page 

^^^^^ That fair enough?

So first things first

I hate to be harsh here but this is the straight up truth

It is pretty much a tell tale sign that someone won't last very long and/ or is a bluffer when they say

O I need Meal Plans, where are the meal plans?

To which we say there are none. We give some guidelines in our second Nutrition program but these are only ideas and not a strict plan.

Anyone looking EXACT meal plans is actually looking for the MAGIC SOLUTION, the sort of nonsense where people think there is some really simple magic solution to life's problems

Rather than just growing up and realising that it takes work and if you spend the time doing the right work

You will get the right results

Rather than spending your lifetime running around in circles after this fantasy


Never mind the fact that you just have to type "Meal Plans" into Google and you will get all the information you need right there

What to really do?

Ideally track, or at least have some idea, of your numbers and then just work from there

Lorraine tracks all her food, I just make sure to hit my Protein amount (170g), water amount (3 litres) and then follow 80/20 principle after that

Both works for us

But if you have ZERO idea of your numbers

Then in my humble, yet 100% accurate opinion, you are making life VERY difficult for yourself

So start to get a handle on your numbers and ideally download My Fitness Pal and get going on it

If you are a member and have no idea about the app then shoot me an email and I will help you out

and if you are a non member and can't make our classes for some genuine reason then reply with "Online Coaching" and I will get you all the details about our program launching on the 30th of September

All that being said, be sure to start the week right


Think Big And Kick Ass



This Online Coaching Program is for NON MEMBERS only as Full Up members can already avail of this service if they want it.

This is for people who can't make our facility for whatever reason and need to get their Diet in order.

So if that's you just message back with "Online Coaching" and I will get you all the details.

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