Dundalk Weight Loss Expert, Chris's Story

Read Chris's Story of How Nervous He was to get started. - To now gaining back his self confidence. - And of course be sure to congratulate him on his great progress so far. -

Well done Chris 💪💪. - ================================== Good morning Darragh. - A quick email to you for briefly express my gratitude to the full team at Dutchy's Gym. - I have been attending for a full year and when I think back to our chat after I clicked the "Book a Call" button on the website, I don't recognise myself. I spoke to you about how nervous I was going into a group of strangers when I was hugely unfit, overweight and feeling fat. I said that I had been very fit but was worried that I would injure myself just walking up the stairs to the studio. What our chat did was give me the confidence to try out the 6 week programme. - After the first couple of sessions, the nerves disappeared and I realised that I was just like everyone and everyone was just like me, trying to become more active, lose a little weight, tone up their body and essentially become healthier. Then your team came into their element, with the right mix of encouragement, banter, advice and support. - So a year later, I am, feel and look healthier, I have lost a little bit of weight (although I don't ever use the scales - ever!!) and I have gained back some of my self -confidence (even if many would say this isn't something I'm short of!! ). - So, to Alan, Darren, Stephen, Lorraine and yourself, thank you guys! I can recommend Dutchy's Gym to anyone and everyone without equivocation.

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