Eminem has a lot to answer for

The world is changing at serious speed and it can be hard to know what changes are useful and what arn't

I'm sitting writing this at my desk wearing recovery pants and a mini band just above the knee 

Of course I'm always interested in maximizing time and improving things but part of me can't help but think

"What sort of bo**&&ks am I?"

But then I do be injury free most of the time and moving well so something must be working ok

Was in with Shane Flynn at NRG Fitness there in Mullingar (another recommendation for you) after he was recommended to me and Lorraine showed me some of his stuff on the gram

He has a great set up there and seems to know his stuff when it comes to the injury and movement side of things

So I've took what he said and added it into my own workouts and using the band as much as I can to sort out basic enough alignment issues

Some of it I would of came across before but as usual its the accountability factor of someone who know's what their talking about giving you a toe in the rear and telling you to actually do it

One of the lads is doing PE teaching and was back at our old school and was saying the gym set up is savage

and here's the best part

The kids actually use it and are into it

^^^^^ Go figure

Back when I was in secondary school there was a few of us mad to play football and the rest (some lads and most of the girls) just sat it out and went for a walk

I suppose with Social Media making fitness "Cool" it is great to see it and always great to see people getting active 

And I always think it's great for teenagers to be looking up to athletes than say a rapper and going about walking like a dumbass threatening to pop a can in yo ass

like some boys I was in school with <<<<< Eminem has a lot to answer for

Another big change that goes a little bit further every year is

the commitment levels it takes to play club level GAA seems to keep rising every year and it's interesting to see where it will end up

Every few years we need to arrive earlier for games and fitness levels required seem to go up a little bit every year

Or maybe that's just me being the wrong side of 30 but I really don't think it is

And now even club players are made to feel bad if seen out for a pint most weekends

Would be interested to know your thought's on any of these and if you agree/ disagree


It's just something to think about

A lot of changes in our industry but it's about balancing the new fangled changes

with NAILING the basics

Of good quality movement done CONSISTENTLY

and hitting your dietary requirements CONSISTENTLY

which I think gets lost a lot in all the noise

Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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