Garth Brooks said it right

One cool thing I seen on my FB wall for the New Year was fitness guys talking about their Failures over the past 12 months

These would be guys I follow and respect their opinions

One is an Aussie guy who has 20 plus gyms across Australia but admitted that he closed 6

Yes, SIX gyms in the past 12 months

He didn't get into detail on exactly why but obviously they just weren't working out

The other is an English guy who really helped my business and how I structure things this year

he admitted to issues he had with staff and one guy in particular that caused him a lot of issues

These are 2 things I can relate to

I had no issue with closing the Enniskillen facility that time due to a variety of issues and since taking the equipment and using for the PT studio in Cavan it was most definately proved to be the right decision

Of course you got some idiots having a pop about this and that as if it was all part of my evil plan to open it

Burst my ass for 4 years and invest a lot of time, effort and money into it and then just leave.

But that stuff didn't bother me cause I knew I gave it all I could and that it just wasn't meant to be

and that I would prefer to be the guy taking the chance and failing

than the person who never takes risks and comments on everyone else's life decisions

any day of the week

^^^ Yep, as Garth Brooks said

Life is not tried

it is merely survived

If you're standing outside the fire

The same goes with staffing issues

While we have the best set up ever now this past 12 months it wasn't always that way

And ANYONE I speak to who is self employed will tell you that staffing is always the hardest issue

And it takes plenty of trial and error and some times you simply have to keep people that have a very low ceiling in terms of ambition and willingness to learn

Luckily we have a great set up now and hopefully keep it like that

But my point with these 2 stories

is to accept failure and looking stupid some times is just part of the journey

Even being a first time dad the past week having to take all this new information and change onboard


The Faster You Fail The Faster You Learn

and the faster you learn

the faster you can change things for the better

it's all a bit cheesy and I'm sure you have heard it all before but it is very true

and we constantly stop ourselves from trying new things because we are afraid of failing and looking stupid

So let's get over that and make 2020 a quality year by taking chances and not worrying about some failures along the way

And no better time to start than today when everyone is getting back into action and all our programs are starting back up

Check the PS for more info

and remember as always


Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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