Health is Just...

I remember reading an article from Paul Mort.

He's one of my "Go To" guys for keeping my head on straight and dealing with stress/ negativity etc.

In this article he said about how watching comedy helps him chill out when going through stress.

And it got me to thinking about what I watch on TV.

It's a lot of sport (apart from now obviously) and then all the other shows are usually along the lines of goodies versus baddies and drug dealing etc.

While entertaining neither are going to be a barrel of laughs.

So I tried looking for some comedy shows and it actually really does help.

Some of my favorites are Kevin Bridges and Ricky Gervais but guys like John Bishop and Micheal Mc Intyre can be good as well and loads of others

Or when I'm dossing about showering/ shaving and getting changed I might put something on youtube on my phone

One show I have liked lately is Ricky Gervais's

After Life

If you liked The Office you will like it but even if not I definitely think it was worth checking out if you like sarcastic/ dark type humour

It's funny but in the sense of people moaning all the time and just relates to life well.

When giving out about people exercising he suggests

Health is just dying slower

and I suppose if you want to be miserable about it you could say that

he is right at the end of the day.

But you and I know what true fitness & health means and how much it can improve your life while you're here.

Anyways, it was only a little joke.

The real point is that watching good comedy helps.

When all you're watching is the news (sometimes multiple times a day) drug dealing & shootings on Netflix and then sport..

and our lives are all serious and stuff trying to rear kids and pay bills.

then maybe a bit more comedy might help the mood now and again.

Just some food for thought but...

Don't forget


Think Big And Kick Ass



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