How Aileen Got Wedding Ready

Having just got married last year I know all about the work women put in to be looking their best on the big day and of course, like anything, some achieve their goals and some don't Which is why it's great to see our 12 Week Get Lean Project client Aileen absolutely nail her goals Cause she took the advice on board and worked her tail off, which she explains here: I gave birth to twins in March, I was just over 15 and half stone, fairly immobile and I honestly couldn't imagine how my body would ever get back to normal or even recognisable again. I remember seeing cellulite on my calves!! In July I knew I needed some help to try get myself back in order so I started the 12 week Platinum GLP with Dutchy's Fitness. I had done the circuits before and they definitely worked but at that time I just needed to stay in shape, this time I had so much weight to lose as well so I was interested in getting help on the diet side in particular. My first class was horrible, I was so down before I started, confidence at an all time low but Darren was so nice and took his time with me, made me feel at ease. All the trainers have a great way with them and take you at your own pace, notice when you are improving and encourage you and support you through your journey. Lorraine especially helped me so much with the diet and tracking calories, if I didn't use My Fitness Pal, understand the food I was eating and make changes I wouldn't have lost the weight. I could still have my glass of wine or slice of bread, just log it in and stay within your calorie count, the weight WILL drop if you do this. Consistency is key. I started to lose weight, feel more confident, get stronger and fitter, want to do better. I am getting married on Saturday and I am so so happy to say that I have reached my goal. I had to get my dress taken in!! It's a brilliant feeling and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Dutchy's. Fact. My husband to be is amazed at my results and is going to start the classes with me after our honeymoon too. I did this in just over three months and I really didn't think I would be able to do anything like it back then. Everyone has it in them if they put their mind to it. Give yourself a chance!! ^^^^^^ Yes indeed, Give yourself a chance surely and if you want to start giving yourself a chance be sure to read below where we have something for everyone in the audience and if you want to give some appreciation to Aileen and check out her AWESOME pictures then be sure to check it out here Don't forget <<<<<<<< This coming Monday the 4th of November we are starting our 6 Week Online Nutrition Coaching program for the run in to xmas This will be the LAST time we will do it for 6 Weeks as it will be for 12 Weeks from then on. Why not take a leaf out of Aileen's book and FINALLY get things sorted the right way so you can enjoy your treats Just reply back to this email with "Online Coaching" and I will get you all the details. Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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