How to Inspire Your Child

Came across a study recently,

Always have to take these “studies” that you see online with a pinch of salt as we don’t have all the data and information on them

But some of them just make perfect logical sense in my humble, yet accurate, opinion

And this one said that

Overweight Parents are More Likely To Have Overweight Children

^^^^^^^^^^^ Read that again

Not exactly earth shattering information is it

But still something to think about

We all love to give out about others but it’s always good to ask ourselves

What are we doing to influence those around us in a positive way?

and of course the best way is always

To set the example yourself <<<<<<

The stats said that the chances of the child being overweight we’re:

Mother NOT Overweight 16%

Mother Overweight 38%

Father NOT Overweight 18%

Father Overweight 32%

So essentially a child is twice as likely to be overweight if either parent is. (Childhood Obesity In Ireland)

Being 33 and newly married you start to think of these things a little bit more

My big problem growing up was being really shy, really lacking confidence and taking life too seriously (suppose like most teenagers) ​ So if there’s anything I we’re to wish on any child I would be advising (if my own or nephews/ nieces) would be to get out there and enjoy the spin and not take it all so seriously

And from knowing how cruel children can be to overweight children I’d hope no child I know has to go through that

The good news is that in the modern era there are more than enough ways to improve your health and keep on top of these things than ever

Picking the guys that know what they are talking about is always the hardest part

But I’ll let you in on a little secret

Since we had a our new batch of people start the 12 Week Get Lean Project we have had a batch of complaints

Some of the ladies have to buy a brand new wardrobe before going on holidays

One lady is heading to Ibiza soon and nothing fits her she told us

There shall be testimonials soon once I find the right time to nab them for one

But for now

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Think Big And Kick Ass



Whenever you’re ready,

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