How to make Fitness easier and easier on yourself

I know this will come as a massive shock to you But not everyone loves these emails I have even had numerous conversations with people that have involved the sentence "You know the shite you be talking in those emails" Luckily I'm not the sensitive sort and know that plenty of people get something useful from the odd email Like this member: Hey Darragh, I’m having a great time and I can’t believe how fast the weeks have passed by. I am not a lover of exercise and never played a sport or took an interest in running, I was always naturally a slim build and never worried about my weight but after two children two stone has slowly crept up on me and this is the first time in my life that I’m understanding about how hard it really is to loose weight. For years I’ve had a membership in the gym but with no motivation or really no clue what I was doing it didn’t get much use only to take the kids swimming the odd Sunday. One of your blogs you talked about people using the gym and spending half there time looking at their phone or finding a podcast/music to listen to and that’s when the penny dropped for me that all my time spent in the gym was achieving nothing, I’m not sure I ever broke a sweat! It was off the back off that email that I contacted you. I’ve signed up to a 6 week program before and went twice in the whole 6 weeks, but this time I’ve committed to going 4 times a week. I can see the difference in the shape of my body and the food that I eat. I’m starting to lift heavier weights and learning about reps and form! For the first time I can honestly say I really enjoy going to the 9.30 class and come out of it delighted with myself I even managed to rope my husband into the program off the back of my positivity!  I’m 38 in November and my goal is to get back into a bikini for my 40th! No more excuses!!  Thank you to all of your team for this positive change in my life. Yep, Fitness gets easier and easier the more you do it cause you can see & feel the results Which in turn gets you fired up to go back for more So while not every email can be full of pearls of wisdom I hope the odd one makes you think a little bit ^^^^^ and helps to make little changes to improving your health Which takes me to another BIG WEEK next week in Dutchy's Fitness Land We have a new training cycle in our 12 Week Get Lean Project starting this coming Monday so if you would like more info on that just reply to this email with "Get Lean" and We are also starting our next 6 Week Transformation Program where you get unlimited access to our 30 plus workouts as well as weighed & measured and Diet guidelines if you want more info on that just reply with "6 Week Program" and last  but not least We have our over 50's classes on Tuesday's and Thursdays at 11:30AM so reply with "Over 50's" if that's for you Something for everyone right there Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

1 - If you want a bit of inspiration to get you going this morning then be sure to check out this link 2 - Every month we open the doors to our now famous 6 Week Transformation Program for people to get started on their fitness journey.

If you would like to get started then just reply to me here with "6 Week Program" and I will get back to you ASAP and we can see if it's for you.

3 - We also offer more private coaching in our Get Lean Project so if you would like to take things to another level then reply to me with "Private Coaching" and I will get back to you. ​

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