How Tragic

We just finished watching the series Chernobyl there last week Would highly recommend you get on it, really intense but interesting show Although if you haven't watched it there may be a little SPOILER ALERT coming up here as in the last episode we find out what really went wrong  How the arrogance of 3 idiots can cause so much tragedy and how not listening to anyone actually IN THE KNOW creates so much pain From what they covered in the show it seems these 3 guys we're determined to run a certain test so they could be in line for a job promotion and a pat on the back And even though everything pointed AGAINST them running it they just went and did it anyway and unfortunately it, litterly, blew up in their face and costing the lives of thousands With such a massive cover up from the Russian government we will never know exactly how many people died but between deaths, sickness and disabilities it seems that hundreds of thousands of people we're affected and only for some great work by a few people it could have been a lot worse Sadly we see this hard headed ignorance every day Luckily the outcomes arn't just as bad but it is costing people in the quality of their lives Like the Fitness professional who yaps on about working in the industry for 10/ 20 or 30 years gives them a right to success or good luck and I see this locally with some trainers who are constantly moaning about new and better ways of doing things Of course there are lots of Fads and BS out there but you also have to keep your mind open to the things that arn't fads and are actually proven to be a better way of doing things ^^^^^^^ especially with modern technology giving us such great opportunities  While we all love to put things in little boxes in life of Black Versus White and black is right and white is wrong Life is rarely just that simple and things usually take a bit more digging Before you go For this week ONLY, or for the first 5 people to act fast, we are offering a FULL YEARSmembership with a 33% discount  Reply with "Special Offer" and I will send you the link We just got our website redone and have a few bills to sort out so my problem can be your gain... Either way make sure to get the week off to the right start #NeverMissAMonday Think Big And Kick Ass Darragh PS Whenever you're ready,

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