I Find That Highly Offensive

Just a thought

But I am of the opinion that anyone that uses the sentence

I find that Highly Offensive

is usually the sort of muppet waiting to be offended at every turn

a Willing Victim if you will

And these are the sort of people that don't like to be told the honest truth when it comes to getting Fit and Healthy

And will also be the type of person who has sarcy ass remarks when you try to better your fitness & health

by doing really weird stuff

Like getting off your ass and exercising

and eating less rubbish food and more better food

^^^^^^ Really weird

I first came across the term "Willing Victim" from an email marketing guy I follow called Ben Settle

and he had an email on them last week that I thought was great and so relevant to many areas of life

This is in relation to people buying "Get Rich Quick" products:


I once read a rant from a guy online who was lamenting on a message board about how he bought some goo-roo's super expensive "how to get rich online" product, was handed a pile of regurgitated garbage, and can't get his money back.

He also said it wasn't the first time this has happened.

That he's been "conned" before.

And, he was "tired of the half-truthes and hype!"

Then a chorus of others joined in.

Each with their own sob story.

Each one saying how they'll never trust another goo-roo again, didn't see it coming, were lied to, they're all the same, etc.

My first reaction?

Well, I don't wish bad things on these guys. But, when they cry about how they were burned **multiple** times buying from the exact same kind of overhyped nonsensical ads (they know going in are BS, but buy anyway) with blind claims and no credibility whatsoever... they're pretending to be **innocent** victims... instead of **willing** victims.

There's a big difference between the two.

And the willing ones are often the ones who cry the loudest, even though it's their fault.

I mean, let's be honest:

Just because a goo-roo is offering you candy doesn't mean you have to hop into the back of his windowless van.

Anyway, just something to think about.



Which is why I don't get too worked up by cranky replies to Social Media messages as usually those people are the LAST you want in your facility recking your head 


As Ben said at the end

Just something to think not just when people make sarcy comments trying to undermine your hard work

But also when people have "tried everything" that maybe they haven't actually tried the stuff that works

Ya know

The hard work and boring consistent stuff

Think Big And Kick Ass


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