I haven't a Clue About Gyms.......

It's such a pity that so many people are still intimidated by the gym environment but it's hard to blame them really when you see the stuff so many bell ends put up on Social Media all the time it would feel difficult to go into an environment like that when you know nothing or very little That's why we take great pride in making sure everyone feels welcome in our facility ^^^^^^^^ Yep, EVERYONE as this recent member noticed: ====================================================================== Hi Darragh Just wanted to drop you a line.  Im just finished my 6 week thing with yourselves and wanted to let you know I really enjoyed it.  I'm a runner myself (ran a few marathons) but my core, flexibility and muscle tone is absolutely shocking. So I always wanted to do something like this but never really had the balls or was always a bit intimidated, cos I havent a clue about gyms.  I started slowly and went to 3 classes a week but for the last 2 weeks I got to 5 each week. At the start I wasn't getting much results but it was pure diet, no other reason. Copped on a wee bit, started taking some protein and just cut out out the sugary sweets (work in a call centre so can be hard). I was only 11st 12lb coming in but at the end of the 6 weeks I have dropped to 11st 1lb, plus got a bit of tone in the shoulders and neck.  The guys who run the classes in Dundalk, are absolutely brilliant. Really enjoyed every single class, they keep you going but not screaming in your face.  I'll go back to running now so wont have much time for the classes, getting married in the summer too. But ye might see me back in the winter.  Ill stay on the emails as they are great too, always a few hints and no bullshit.  That was a lot longer than I thought it would be. Main point: Yiz are great & I enjoyed it :) ====================================================================== So like most of the things we "big up" in life, we usually big them up far more than they turn out to be and there really isn't any need to be afraid of it There is always something we have been putting off that we just have to bite the bullet on and push through as it's not as bad as we think at the minute my swimming and treading water has hit a bit of a plateau so the big thing I need to improve is my volume of work Just push through a few extra lengths even though my breathing is far from perfect and push myself in treading water to hit an extra 10 seconds every week <<<{SMALL STEPS} and it turns out it's not as hard I have made out and I just have to roll with it So if you would like COMMIT for a full 12 Months membership of our classes with the Nutritional support you want then be sure to reply to this email with "Special Offer" and I will fill you in on our 33% discount for this week ONLY or the first 5 people to act Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

1 - If you want a bit of inspiration to get you going this morning then be sure to check out this link

https://www.dutchysfitness.com/success-stories 2 - Every month we open the doors to our now famous 6 Week Transformation Program for people to get started on their fitness journey.

If you would like to get started then just reply to me here with "6 Week Program" and I will get back to you ASAP and we can see if it's for you.

3 - We also offer more private coaching in our Get Lean Project so if you would like to take things to another level then reply to me with "Private Coaching" and I will get back to you

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