I'm 51 and a size 10, I don't need exercise

As I mentioned last Wednesday we have a few ways of contacting people when they put their info into an FB ad asking for more info on our programs

We use to just send people an email but then I realised (from calling people up) that a lot of people don't get the emails for whatever reason and don't check their spam and promotions folders

^^^^^^ that's why we should always test things and never assume in life

So now in the traditional quieter months in the Fitness industry I dedicate an hour every morning to calling up people who entered their info but didn't show up

I can normally get about 10 - 15 calls in and it has varying results between voicemails and various excuses but it's always worth it when every morning you get at least one person who thinks every gym is full of posers and general knobheads

and you talk them round into giving it a go as they really need to do something about their Fitness & Health  <<<<< always makes listening to a few grumbs worth it :)

It's also great for me to learn the mindset that goes on out there in the big bad world

 [wheather I like to hear it or not]

And last week one lady chatted to me for a bit about how she decided to just go to Slimming World instead and then told me that

"I'm 51 and a size 10, I don't need any of that exercise"

and you know

that didn't even shock me that much as we all know that is the mindset of a lot of people

I'm just not sure what is the worse excuse is

The fact that being 51 is some sort of reason for hanging in the towel instead of thinking there's another good 20- 30 years of good living to be done

Or that being a size 10 means is a legit reason not to exercise

cause ya know

as long as your skinny NOTHING ELSE MATTERS

While it is a fair point that most people want to lose a bit of weight and be thinner etc

Being thin and looking like you should have your picture on a Trocaire box is hardly something to be striving for

And I have spoken to hundreds of ladies over the years and the goal is usually to have some bit of tone on their body and looking lean

lads much the same

And that's not even mentioning the benefits of weight training in terms of your health and being a general bad ass in day to day health

Along with the calls I am also working every day on our Google ranking and it's slowly and steadily taking shape

If you find these emails useful or we have helped you in anyway I would GREATLY appreciate if you took 10 seconds and just give us a 5 star rating on Google reviews which I have been told are very important to get built up

And would be super duper grateful if you took 20 seconds and gave us a 5 star review for both the Dundalk & Cavan facilities if you haven't done so already

Just click on the "Scriobh Ieirmheas", meaning write review, at the top right of the rest of the reviews...

Dundalk here >>>>> http://bit.ly/2LQN0w9

Cavan here >>>>> http://bit.ly/2Ly3jOh

Either way,

make sure to get the week started right


Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

1 - If you want a bit of inspiration to get you going this morning then be sure to check out this link

https://www.dutchysfitness.com/success-stories 2 - Every month we open the doors to our now famous 6 Week Transformation Program for people to get started on their fitness journey.

If you would like to get started then just reply to me here with "6 Week Program" and I will get back to you ASAP and we can see if it's for you.

3 - We also offer more private coaching in our Get Lean Project so if you would like to take things to another level then reply to me with "Private Coaching" and I will get back to you.

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