I said "Well that was just pure Gluttony"

Every night myself and er indoors sit down with a cuppa and our Foocies

Foocies is the family name for biccies/treats etc or whatever you want to call them

And that's when we watch whatever is the series of choice

At the minute it's between Dublin Murders and I'm A Celebrity

When I'm a Celeb comes on that's my queue to get me book and do some reading

Although it is a good laugh when they doing them challenges


Back to my point

We generally put away 400-500 calories in that one sitting

Totally guilt free and more importantly

Stress free from thinking we have been bad or anything like that

Due to the fact that Lorraine has tracked her calories

And I basically eat what she eats but just a little extra

I only do this when I've hit my protein target (190g at the minute)

And my water target (3 litres)

And if I've done a decent workout

Otherwise no treats for Dutchman <<<<

And as there's no football at the minute I'm pushing my Protein a little higher

But now and again I do get a bit carried away and have too much

I just love dipping some choccie into a cuppa in the evening I does :)

And the other night after me little feast I said to Lorraine

Well that was just pure Gluttony

These new purple snack bars Lorraine gets are only 110 cals but there that nice I have 2-3 of them then

So while I'm sure you care less about our evening antics while watching I'm a Celeb

It's important to understand that you can still have these foods and be be fit and healthy

And enjoy the process

No matter how many times we beat this drum it seems a hard message to get across

^^^^^ Yep

And some dimwit will still pipe up on Social Media with the


No thanks, I like to live my life

Not just eat rabbit food all the time

Well let the dimwits at it

But you and I know better

Have a nice wkend and remember we can still enjoy ourselves and have gluttonous moments

If everything else is on point

Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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