I Spent €7000 on this

So after working with one of our clients in the Get Lean Project over the summer there I then received this email afterwards:

Thanks for all your help and i know if i ever need to get back on track that the lean training is there and it works, I went from 11st 1lb  to 10st 2 lb in 8 weeks and got down to size 10 in clothes which I am delighted with. And the knowledge about the food end of things is great which I will always use. 

The thing you notice with all these diets out there is that they rely on you constantly coming back for more 

Just think of all the common big name diets, most of them even have their own food brands that they sell

They nearly all have some weekly or bi weekly meet ups that you are paying to attend all the time

And they also keep changing which food is good/ bad or how many points etc they have

Which is beyond stupid

How about this?

How about doing a course that actually TEACHES you how to THINK FOR YOURSELF so that even AFTER you do the course you have still learnt enough valuable information that you can go off and do it yourself

Rather than constantly having to go back and being walked about like sheep being told this and that

And there's one thing I have learnt over the years. So many people love being tight with their money and debating where to spend it but the one investment that will always pay you back is


^^^^^ Education and knowledge will never let you down

Which is why I spent close to €7000 on courses last year ranging from FB Marketing, Email marketing, Business, a Speed Development course and another Fitness training course

No matter what happens in this world or how the economy goes

Knowledge is power and something you always want to have in your back pocket

So if you would like to FINALLY have that knowledge when it comes to your diet 

Then check out our 12 Week Online Coaching program which starts this Monday the 30th of September and reply to this email with "I'm In" and I will get you all the details

Think Big And Kick Ass



Last night and over this weekend anyone on our Online list will be receiving a few extra emails about this program. 

We believe this is how Diet should be done and are gonna push and as with anything like that, no doubt we will offend a few people.

Anyone is welcome to unsubscribe at any stage as there comes a point in all our lives to "Shizzle or get off the pot" as the man says ​

So for people not based in Cavan or Dundalk who can't attend our facility and are frustrated with their results then this is the next best thing.

Email back with "I'm In" and I'll shoot you the details

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