Is This Also The Hardest Part For You?

Last week I received 2 emails from members who are with us exactly a year

And this email had a very interesting point with the one major thing they struggle with:

Hi Darragh,

Just a quick email, It will be exactly 1 year this week since I started my 6week program and I have to say I still do enjoy it and love the classes. Its been a long journey doing 3-4 classes a week. And its paying off , I feel great in general( except my lower back pains) and it helped to improve my overall health. I'd  be regular doctor visitor with my health problems( main being high blood pressure along other things) and since I joined my condition is  much improved and is confirmed by various tests by doctors. Other extra benefit is I'm being told by friends how great I look and what improvement I made in last 12 months.  This was in particular noticeable when I visited my family members abroad who I get to see only once a year.  The hardest bit for me would be 2 things : 1. tracking the calories and proteins , I wouldn't be much particular but I am fully aware of it and am making good choices when selecting goods in the shop and preparing food. And the second one is to make myself get off the bed for 6am class. Thanks for everything. Best regards Yep, Tracking calories and Proteins is hard and most people don't even know where to start. Which is why it is CRITICAL to understand it and like most things Once you understand it you will understand it forever and be able to work from there ^^^^^ You can't go back to un understanding it if ya know what I mean No more guessing game and messing about wondering what's what  And that is why we are now pushing this more with our members and also setting up an Online Version Where you can work with us via email and we will set you on the straight on EXACTLY what you should be eating This takes ALL the stress out of dieting and makes things so much easier and straight forward and that is why you see Instagrammers and such like being able to eat chocolate and ice cream cause they know what their numbers are and have hit them that day and allowed the room for that chocolate and ice cream So if you are a non member and want to get your Diet FINALLY sorted then be sure to reply to this email with "ONLINE COACHING" and I will get you all the details Think Big And Kick Ass Darragh PS This Online Coaching Program is for NON MEMBERS only as members can already avail of a similar service (depending on membership option & goals) if they want it. This is for people who can't make our facility for whatever reason and need to get their Diet in order. So if that's you just message back with "Online Coaching" and I will get you all the details.

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