It is what it is

I must be one of the few people who is on the fence about Love Island as most people seem to either love it or hate it

It was a good guilty pleasure to chill out in the evenings and enjoy the drama but once new people stopped coming in and they we're all just madly in love with each other it all got pretty boring after that

The drama and craic was good but all the man love was way too much for me

If any lads behaved like that with their friends in a local pub round here there would be some quare looks given

But sur they will all go off now and sell every garbage product under the sun and turn up to the opening of an envelope and make their few bob

What has annyoyed me most is that they have ruined one of my favourite sayings

It is what it is was one of my favourite sayings for when people are moaning about BS they can't control and now they have ruined it for me

At least for the next month anyway

The interesting thing from Love Island is the abuse some of them get online from the public

People really do have little to be at and if any of the contestants go on to do anything dangerous it will all be Love Island producers fault

When in reality "Joe Public" should man up and take some responsibility for Liking and commenting on all these posts and promoting the nonsense

And of course the contestants need to take responsibility that if you want to put yourself out there for fame and glory you need to understand that all that stuff comes with the territory as well

so you better make sure you are fit for it.


That's none of my business and it's just great it's over now and can get watching some proper TV again.

I have been covering Stephen this week in Cavan as he is off on holidays and always great to get back taking more sessions than normal....

One thing you notice more when taking the sessions is how afraid people are, especially ladies, of upping the weight.

It's amazing how much more we have in the tank and that's why it's great to train with other people or have a trainer push you on

But make sure to listen to the trainer and if they are advising you to go heavier and obviously it's safe and you can keep good technique then be sure to go for it

Have a great wkend and make your goal for next week

To go that extra KG or 2 heavier when your trainers advises

^^^^^^^^^ When trainer advises being the point there as not all exercises call for heavy lifting but the trainer will let you know on that.

Think Big And Kick Ass



Whenever you're ready,

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