Just hanging out the dirty clothes here

Updated: May 12, 2020

Monday, Wednesday, Friday. That’s me. Tuesday, Thrusday and Saturday… That’s Lorraine What am I on about? Well, it’s how the other half and I split up the duties with the online programme we’re running right now. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I get to sit there and chill though. Oh no! Lorraine ensures I’m kept on my toes, by giving me my “to-do list”. The only legitimate reason I can deviate off the plan is if Jamie kicks off or needs a bottle. Now, I don’t necessarily mind the housework. But there’s a problem. I’m VERY liable to zone out, and start thinking of other things as I’m pushing the hoover around, or waving a duster about. Thus leading to my work not being up to the high standards of other individuals in the house. Take last week for instance - I was tasked with hanging out the washing. As I picked up a towel something struck me. That was odd. It was still really damp. Smelled a bit funny too. “Oh well, must be a new washing powder”, I thought. But then I picked up a sock, and it was the same thing. Still, I soldiered on, only for Lorraine to look over and shout in that lovely Cork accent of her’s while in mid burpee: “For fudge sake Darragh that’s the dirty clothes!” Whoops. My bad. Ahhhhh That was a good 15 minutes of housework time down the drain, what with me not concentrating. So I fired all back into the basket and that was me done with that. What’s that saying - “If you want something done right, do it yourself?” Of course everyone watching thought this was great craic, me hanging out the dirty clothes I’d like to pretend that it was all part of my master plan of getting out of the housework, like a lot of men do. But unfortunately, I don't get away that easily. Thing is, even with our little "domestics" going on in the background ... Our clients are still getting the job done and getting great results. If anything, it makes it even more fun. I mean sure, Lorraine and myself could pretend we were this perfectly polished fitness couple … All made up for Instagram, with year-round abs, and not a hair out of place … But that’s not us. And we’re happy with how we are. With one client simply commenting Easy to follow online classes resulting in great workouts. Obvious that Dutchys put a lot of work into each session. Recommend the online sessions. By the way, in case you’ve been wondering about exactly how our online coaching works - It’s six 45-minute sessions each week. These take place every day apart from Sunday at 9:30am but they don’t have to be done live, you can do them whenever you want as it stays up on the group. On top of that, we have a few extra stretch sessions, to help you decompress and relax. And there’s diet support too. (our domestics are a cheeky added bonus, lol) You don't even need any equipment and every Wednesday we use a bed sheet as a TRX to get that back work in. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, just reply to this email with "I'm In" and I'll get you all the details. Think Big And Kick Ass Darragh PS Don't forget, All the cool kids are on the ole gram now so a lot of our info is going there as well as FB so be sure to follow us on it https://www.instagram.com/dutchysfitness/

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