Missing that #1 thing

I've said before that it makes me laugh (and mad) when people say

I'm gonna get fit first and then join up with you

which of course is a cop out and complete BS as we never see them again

Some people get so caught up in saving a few pound here and there that they make life so much harder for themselves

and there's a reason people have near gyms in their spare room in the house yet never use it or get results from it

That reason is:


^^^^^ That One thing missing

If you want to lose weight just google a diet plan and get a workout video off You tube

If I want to improve my swimming just watch a few videos and go and practice it


You would think

Everything is so simple when we look at it with basic logic, it's when you throw in emotions that everything goes to shizzle

Up until last week I have been getting 1 swimming lesson a week for the simple reason that if I go on my own

I faff about and don't work anywhere near hard enough

I've took some time off as had a little injury and the football is finishing up soon but hope to get 2 lessons a week whenever I can for November and early December 

There's no danger of me breaking any records any time soon but it's just something different and challenging to mix things up

and the pool is great for muscle recovery from footie and weights sessions.

OMGGG Dutchy you are so stupid, all your members are going to leave now that you have told them this secret

Will be some expert advice I no doubt will be receiving

But we don't do this simple stuff do we

We need someone kicking our arse each step of the way even if it's in the nicest most polite sense

Someone to just guide us and say

Right, we are doing this now, way you go

That's why deadline's work so well to give us a focus and the process of Parkinsons Law

which states that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion".

Basically if a job actually takes 15 minutes but you have an hour to do it then we will fart around for most of the time while doing a few bits here and there

and get it finished within that hour

The same way college students have 3-6 months to do an assignment yet still end up pulling an all nighter to finish it in time

So wherever people train or whatever the goal is

It is ALWAYS worth your while having someone who knows what they are at pushing you along the way

Have a Happy Friday and enjoy the wkend

Without undoing all your great work this week of course

Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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