My First Love

Last Saturday week back the GAA club organised a Coaching Day where the senior players and management coached the Juvenile teams

In fairness it went well and I made sure to drop in with the 15's and 17's to avoid the madness of U 10's and below

Other than helping out with a team last year a few times it's been a long time since I have been heavily involved

And as things got busier with the business it had to be knocked on the head

And I decided that I would just do my own training until my own kids come about

Now with 2 young nephews and Dutchy Junior on the way it will be soon time to get back at it in a few years

At least until Dutchy Junior gets old enough to tell me to fudge off

It just reminded me of how much I enjoyed the challenge of it and young people do need some sort support along the way as they may not be getting it at home

It also reminded me of the BS people say where you need to be "Specific" to who you train and only stick with that

It's great for marketing reasons but outside of that it's great to train ANYONE that actually want's to train and make improvements 

I don't mind training anyone of any age

There's pro's and cons to everything but the 1 thing you want

Is someone that actually wants to learn and put in the work

^^^^^ I'm sure teachers and anyone in the coaching/teaching field would agree

If they are 10 yrs of age and love their footie

20 yrs of age and want to get ripped to pull the babes

40 years of age and want to shed some weight and improve their health

or 60 years of age and just want to be able to move better and improve their health

Doesn't bother me a bit  

Which is why we try to aim to have a variety of programs for 90% of the population

The young Muscle head stud probably wouldn't like our stuff so we can't just please everyone

Which is why there is a Time & a Place for everything in your training journey

The person that tries to do everything at once usually fails at numerous tasks

Which is why it's difficult to make massive changes to your health plan straight off the bat

and very common for people to start with the exercise part of it and work their way into the diet part of it after a few months

Just making small changes and chipping at the block

And of course no one's diet is ever perfect so you should never be too hard on yourself on that front

So yeah,

Small boring changes along the way tends to work best 

who'd of thunk it

Just make sure to get the week started the right way


Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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