No more Nutrition, Just Mindset

So driving to the Dundalk gym the other day I was listening to a Podcast from 2 gym owners

1 owns 15 gyms across Australia and the other owns 2, I think, in the UK and both do some Online stuff as well

It was a very interesting debate and at one stage one of them commented jokingly that they we're thinking of doing

No more Nutrition, just mindset


As no matter how much work goes into the Diet aspect of things only a small percentage will actually stick to it

I'm so so on the Mindset part of things as we arn't psychologists and like everything else, it's usually the highly motivated people that will listen and apply the mindset stuff anyway

it also got me to thinking about a section of Lorraines study course materials that she showed me:

Most clients never need to progress further than level 1.

We strongly encourage you to focus on the fundamentals.

Mastering the basics and doing them consistently is almost always enough for optimal fitness, health, body composition, performance and life balance.

For instance, consider this large survey done in North America. Guess how many people meet the following four criteria?

- Don't smoke 

- Eat 5 servings of Fruits/ Veg a day

- Exercise 5 times a week for 30 minutes

- Maintain a healthy Bodyweight

Only 3% of North Americans were doing this simple four- part combination of basic healthy lifestyle tasks.

Most people don't need complexity


Of course this doesn't tell the full story as there are people who arn't bothered with taking the diet serious and have great health/ fitness and there are then the few people that do need to be guided in the right direction and take everything on board

Both is cool

^^^^^^ all depends on goals and time available

The important thing from the text above and also from the podcast is that it's vitally important to start slow and not take on loads of new habits

Look at what habits you want to start and what you need to QUIT and chip at the block

Cause going all guns blazing out the gap will only lead to failure and knock your confidence going forward and your belief that you can stick to things

Think Big And Kick Ass



Whenever you're ready,

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