No Time For Rabbit Food

Although I don't get wound up often If there is something that grinds my gears in fitness is when people come out with stuff like Ah, I've no time for that  I can't be just eating rabbit food Which someone said to me recently Of course we smile and laugh to be all politically correct  But anyone that comes out with that is clearly very uneducated or lazy or maybe both Cause as you and I both know you can be in great shape and still eat loads of food and loads of nice food at that The Key is to be nailing your numbers and making sure you get enough Protein into your day and also lifting some weights so you can build some muscle and put those calories to good use The vast majority of people are lacking these 2 points, especially the eating enough Protein part And another reason it's an ignorant statement is that extreme dieting and getting abs is such a small part of the fitness game That sort of thinking went out years ago and thankfully is getting less and less and anyone with any sort of willingness to learn is starting to understand that you can have some biscuits or crisps etc and be in great shape ^^^^^^ Yep, read that again  So next time someone gets at you about "eating rabbit food" be sure to knock some education on their ignorant ass O, and in other news Next Monday the 4th of November we are starting our 6 Week Online Nutrition Coaching program for the run in to xmas This will be the LAST time we will do it for 6 Weeks as it will be for 12 Weeks from then on. But if you want to get a handle on your diet and you can't figure out how you are "doing everything right" but still making no progress Then reply back to this email with "Online Coaching" and I will get you all the details. 3 have already signed up so just 2 spots left!   <<<<<<< Think Big And Kick Ass


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