Reps, Reps, Reps

Haven't spoke about it much but I'm still chipping away at the swimming

I'm definitely a lot better and getting better at it all the time but can still only get 2 sessions in a week when I balance my weights and other cardio

With baby on the way I'll be lucky to get 2 sessions in come the New Year and then footie be back after that but I want to keep at it as best I can

My instructor was telling me the other day that he coaches children as young as 12 week's and that we could do a joint session with me and the child

So hopefully we can do that next year and get him use to the water so he doesn't be afraid of the water for 30 years like myself

But I know the main thing holding me back in the pool is simply practice

^^^^ Perfect practice makes perfect

The more good practice we can get at something then the better we become over time

Every time someone joins a fitness class they will usually be weaker and have less fitness than most other's in the sessions

But over time they catch up and get better

In Arnie's book he kept talking about

Reps, Reps, Reps

For everything from building his body to learning English and public speaking etc

Of course he had some helpful supplements to build his body as well but he still worked hard at everything he done

When he wanted to learn a new topic he did courses at the local college to understand it better

So it goes to show what can be done by putting our minds to something and simply doing

Reps, Reps, Reps

Until eventually we master

Or at the very least get good enough to the point we want to get to

I don't want to become a champion swimmer

But I want to go on holidays with my children and play in the pool without shitting myself

As discussed Monday

Strive for Progress

Not Perfection

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