RIP Kobe Bryant

I'm not a big basketball fan but follow from afar when it gets to the final stages

But I always like reading/ watching super successful people in all areas of life and finding out about their stories

Having came across Kobe Bryant interviews and stories in books/ Youtube etc I thought he was a really interesting dude

Really smart

Super attitude that he could do anything but yet treat people with respect and not being an A hole about it

So when I seen the news of his tragic death on Sunday evening I was flicking though the news channels and Twitter to see what happened

A total of 9 people dead from a helicopter crash and very sad incident indeed

You may not of even ever heard of Kobe Bryant but he's one of these people worth checking out even if you have no interest in sport

he is mentioned regular in a great book I read last year called

Relentless by Tim Grover

He started off as Micheal Jordan's personal trainer so then became Kobe's and a few other top players

Some of the stories in that book are incredible and make you really question things Some of my top Kobe stories are

- His trainer (Tim Grover) use to get messages late at night to say meet him at the facility cause he wants to go in and do a session

He would go in a do a session and once Grover got home he would just be chilling out and Bryant would be onto him to go back in cause he wanted to work on something else

Eventually when Bryant was in this sort of form Grover would just wait in the car until he came back

- At 18 years of age and his first season in the NBA he finished the season missing 4/5 game winning shots for the team

Even getting battered in the media he still knew it was simply a strength issue as it was his first season and he knew he needed to get stronger

That's serious mental strength to get through something like that

- He could speak 5 languages fluently, won an academy award for a short video about career and had many successful business ventures

^^^^^ Proving he's not just some dummy athlete who had some talent and a bit of luck along the way

While some stories may get some mystic added to them it's always interesting to see how these people operate and how what we can learn for our own lives

Working harder

Taking responsibilty for our own shizzle

Always having an open mind & learning new things

tend to be regular common traits that come from studying these people

Here is a savage interview he gives that I listened to ages ago and thought was really good

And so I re listened to it during my Monday morning workout after the night feeds

Do yourself a favour and watch it when you get the chance

Think Big And Kick Ass



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