Should We Start Fat Shaming?

Came across an interesting article the other day talking about "Fat Shaming" and a big debate on it The Keyboard warriors we're having a field day on it Of course we can't start Fat Shaming people and just stand pointing at them shouting insults The whole debate is just pretty stupid in my humble, yet accurate, opinion But what does grind my gears a little bit is that no one says anything about  Fitness Shaming The sarky comments and judgements made to people trying to improve their Health & Fitness and it seems ok to throw out those sort of comments  The little digs at people trying to belittle their efforts and make a show of them Imagine if that was put the other way, no doubt a lot of people would find it "Highly Offensive" as these sort of people usually do It's the classic case of the modern day  "I believe in Free Speech As long as you agree with me of course If you don't then you are clearly sexist, racist or just a moron" ^^^^^ That also grinds my gears Which you see everywhere on both sides of any argument/ Debate This is something I have noticed in my lifetime and also see with Lorraine  And as you are reading this email you have probably experienced it yourself So I say fight back <<<<<< Enjoy your training, get yourself in bad ass shape And most importantly Do it for yourself cause you enjoy the challenge and the feeling that comes with it And nothing wrong with a sneaky look in the mirror now and again to check out those new found gains Either way, make sure to enjoy your weekend and don't undo your great week's work  Big push now until Xmas so let's get our shizzle together for the next few weeks Personally my swim game has came on leaps and bounds so I'm pushing it a lot more in the run up to Xmas ​Think Big And Kick Ass


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