Thank You For Your Order

Every day nowadays there is a new Box being delivered to the house

Apparently it's all for the baby and it's all stuff we "must have" but I have my suspicions 

And of course I darn't suggest otherwise or my life may not be worth living

Have to love all this "equality" in 2019 eh


It got me thinking about welcome surprises and other than a new born baby one of the best welcome surprises you can have is

Turning up to an event (like an xmas party) in bad ass shape and getting lots of compliments 

So in case you missed it, on Monday we are starting a brand new 6 Week Transformation program for people who want to shift some excess weight and tone up before Xmas

So if you've been waiting for the right time to step up and level up your Fitness & Health game then now is the time

So I'll cut to the chase.... and give you the EXACT details on how you can join us

And of course the promise that working with us is 100% RISK-FREE and if it doesn't work?

(And you do the work) I'LL REFUND every penny.....

in fact, I INSIST that you ask me for your money back 

^^^ read that again ^^^

Yep, that's how confident we are that we'll smash it, during our time working together

here are the details you need >>>>

* Access to unlimited classes

* Weighed & Measured at the start and end of the program if you like

* Diet guidelines along the way and more support if you desire

You actually can eat plenty of biscuits and still be in shape

^^^^^^^ sounds to good to be true doesn't it, but if people seen the plate of Biscuits

me and Lorraine have every evening they would get their eyes opened

* 192- 234 fun, high energy, fat burning workouts that guarantee great results

and a WHOLE lot more.....

The total cost is just €99 for 6 Weeks

Reply with "I'm In" and I'll get you all set up with everything 

This is for non members ONLY and people that haven't been in for over a year 

We also have a special offer for MEMBERS ONLY regarding our Get Lean Project so if you are interested in that just reply with "Special Offer"

Think Big And Kick Ass



Like I say, you'll not find any other program like ours that offers such a powerful, risk free money back guarantee

I can't make it any easier for you

BUT you'll need to take action


Reply with "I'm In" and we'll get you started

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