The Most Hated Man In America

I've never been a conspiracy theorist and like to give people the benefit of the doubt when at all possible

But cynicism seems to be something that comes with age and you start to understand why older people can be so cynical all the time

When you see so much drug cheating in sport and get to hear some of the dodgy inner workings of "successful" people or businesses then it's hard not to get a little cynical

So while it's important to try to remain positive and looking at good positive stories to keep the mind balanced and not just turn out to be a cranky old fart

it can be difficult

And when the CEO of a Pharmaceutical company (who became known as the most hated man in America, which considering Trump is still there is really saying something) say's their

Primary responsibility is to their Shareholders

rather than O I dunno

Maybe helping as many people as possible at the best price possible 

Then you do have to wonder.

2 stats from this article stand out

One drug has went up from $13.50 to $750

Another company has 56 of their drugs upped in price by an average of 66%

Both helping to increase the stock price of the company <<<< the real goal???

Of course every company has to make money and it costs money to make these drugs and do research etc so all this needs to be took into account

But it's a bit like the banks doing shady tricks and putting people under pressure and then their CEO gets a massive bonus for the year

It just doesn't sit well

What does that mean for the average Joe like you and I?

Hard to know really other than trying to not to get too reliant on pills unless absolutely necessary

And taking what these guys say with a pinch of salt  

And while none of us are bullet proof and no one knows what's around the corner

Your health is your wealth and so should be protected like so

Movement and better food choices can improve many things and are especially VITAL the older we get

To at least lessen our chances of needing any of that

To read the article for yourself just check it out here

For now though don't forget,

we are on the home straight to Xmas make sure to get the week started right


Think Big And Kick Ass


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