The Story of Be Backs

I heard a saying a long time ago that

Be Backs Never Be Back

Talking about people popping in to check out your business and leave saying

"I'll be back at X date"

and it is true that 9/10 they don't be back

We get this an awful lot in August and December when people leave off starting until September

"When things settle down"

or leave it off until January as, and this is a favorite of mine

No point in losing the weight just to put it all back on again over Xmas, so I'll be in in January

How much bloody weight can you put on over the Xmas period?

^^^^ I mean seriously??

and with a mind set like that I'm afraid you have already lost

And of course the people that say they will start in September never make it in at all

It reminds me of the great meme

Procrastinators Unite.....

.......Tomorrow maybe

It's a simple matter of the pain of your current situation being enough to say

F this

I need to get this sorted 

and I need to get this sorted Now

Surely at some stage you have to bite the bullet and get after it

There is never a bad time to learn something new and to create good habits. 

Granted some times may be worse than others and I'm sure when our baby is born we will be tempted by various excuses so all the more reason to rise to the challenge as a lot of it is BS excuses

Operation "Avoid Dad Bod" will be starting the minute this little man is born I can tell you that

In other news,

Later today I have my swim lesson. The lesson is 30 minutes so I try to be at least 15 minutes early to get an extra bit done before the lesson itself

So I do be well fudged

There is a short window between the end of the Footie season and when the baby is being born so have to make the most of it

Have seen loads of families in the pool with their kids so hopefully that will be a chance to spend some time with the family 

While also sneaking off to do some lengths so can get some solid work in

Just need to keep getting better at it and it has came an awful long way so just need to keep building up the volume

Think Big And Kick Ass


PS Whenever you're ready,

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