This DOESN'T happen in this Dundalk Gym

I was reading a really interesting article the other day from a well thought of Fitness professional

he was talking about how he went to the gym last week and felt like absolute sh%£e he so just left

And how over the years he would have beat himself up about it

But now he knows that missing one session isn't going to make or break his results long term and that it's what he does the other 99% of the time that is really going to make the difference

What you do MOST of the time outweighs what you do SOME of the time

^^^^ Read that again

and that's why we always talk about the 80/20 principle and how the odd slip here or there isn't what's stopping you from achieving the results you want but rather it is the lack of consistency over time

It's doing things 50/50 or even 20/ 80 the wrong way round

And that goes for all areas of your life from







If you are a good, honest, hard working person most people will forgive you for one mistake or being a bell end at some point

But if your a bell end 80% of the time no one will give you the time of day

Not to also mention that that's what can happen when you go to a conventional gym and do your own workout,

you PISS about <<<<< Yep,

and if it happens to fitness professionals like in this instance, what hope does the average Joe soap have after a long days work or just out of bed getting themselves ready for the day

Slim and none and slims left town

as Don King use to say

Which is why you want a scheduled session with a trainer and other people there to get you moving and being productive

But that's another topic for another day.

The moral of the story

What you do MOST of the time outweighs what you do SOME of the time

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