This is Why I Created......

As much as the world changes at lightning speed

the principles and what drives people still stay the same

Even with all our information that can be got by simply clicking a link on our phone

Having the motivation and patience to actually study something is a completely different ball game altogether

and so in fitness there are still a lot of obstacles in our way

Motivation being the main one <<<<< Yep

Cause when we find our motivation everything else seems to fall into place

All of a sudden we can find the time to do anything

But another major one is having someone who knows what they are doing taking us through our paces

and having the right structure in place for you INDIVIDUALLY

all the reading in the world on Google will NEVER replace having someone right in front of you

Being able to guide you and advise you when you are going wrong

This is why we created the 12 Week Get Lean Project

It's for people who arn't pushed on the bigger groups and want that little bit of extra help

and also for people that just love the bit of weight training

As popular as the group training classes are they arn't for everyone

Just like anything else in life not everyone will love it

^^^^^ Which is cool

We have clients who love the 12 Week Program with the small groups and would never set foot in one of the larger groups

and that's why it's great to have various options and let everyone know what's going on

So while you probably see a lot about our classes and our 6 Week transformation program

Don't forget that if that's not for you

Or you have been doing it and want to mix things up a bit now

Then the Small Group Personal Training is something to think about

Currently we have a few Personal Training clients who hope to move into the small group Personal Training in the coming weeks

So the 1-2-1 worked great to get them started and build a bit of confidence in themselves but now they feel ready to join a small group

There are a variety of reasons why it works a little better than 1-2-1 long term such as

More times available

Works out better value in the long run and you have the option of getting a few classes in as well as your confidence improves

More atmosphere. Having a few others in the sessions with you will always add a bit more craic to things and help to push you on as well

As once you see other people doing things you will know that you can do it yourself as well

So if this something you would be interested in checking out just reply to this email with "SMALL GROUP" and I will get you all the details

Think Big And Kick Ass



Whenever you're ready,

1 - If you want a bit of inspiration to get you going this morning then be sure to check out this link

2 - Every month we open the doors to our now famous 6 Week Transformation Program for people to get started on their fitness journey.

If you would like to get started then just reply to me here with "6 Week Program" and I will get back to you ASAP and we can see if it's for you.

3 - We also offer more private coaching in our Get Lean Project so if you would like to take things to another level then reply to me with "Private Coaching" and I will get back to you.

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