Training Hard? READ This

What is overtraining and over doing it?

This is a common question in Fitness and the balance can be tricky

Like everything there is no simple black and white answer and you have to play things as you see them

But there are some basic indicators to go by

First of all,

You always have to remember that a lot of this stuff is relative

Some people think getting off their arse to go for a walk is excessive exercise

So when they say someone does too much exercise there's a very high likelihood

That they're an idiot and talking complete BS

And of course these are usually the sort of people quick to give their comments

^^^^^ Empty vessels and all that

A few general rule's are:

Feeling good and having good energy levels:

if you are feeling good and what you are doing is working then why over think it?

Nothing weird going on in bowel movements and going to the toilet:

I had an odd experience in this years ago when I was overtraining so keep an eye out for this But if all is flowing ok then no need to worry

Not having aches and pain's all the time in a "Flu" type manner:

Of course a bit of DOMS is ok but if you constantly feel like you have the flu and are all achy

Then there's a good chance your body needs a rest or you need to improve your recovery methods

Being able to put a good effort into your workouts:

Can you still go out and put in a good session or does it always feel like everything is such an effort

If any of the above arn't happening and the more you train

the worse you seem to feel

and the further your goals get away from you

Then there is a bit of a chance you are overtraining

So how do you do a lot of training to be a bad ass but NOT overtrain

Intelligent Training & good Recovery

and how do we recovery

Sleep & Diet

With the arrival of the little man naps are essential

and Diet is the usual which I won't get into to much here

But you NEED to be hitting those calories if you are doing a lot of training

And as with everything

Your chances of success will always improve when you leave things to the pro's

THIS COMING Monday the 3rd of February we will be starting a BRAND NEW training program in our 12 Week Get Lean Project

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making sure you are lifting weight's correctly and getting your questions answered

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Either way enjoy the wkend and make sure not to undo your great week's work

Think Big And Kick Ass


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