Waiting in Line making $14'000??

In a world full of excuses, moaning and crying

Ya gotta love people with a bit of get up and go and some creativity 

There is a company based in New York where you can pay them to sit in the queue for you

so that you can do your own thing and wait until they get right to the front and then bail in when they get to the front

I'd be tempted to use that service the odd Saturday night when queuing for bar/ nightclub in the freezing cold 

The dude that started it made $14'000 for one night's work sitting in a queue and now has over 40 people working for him

That's pretty bad ass

Can't see it just quite taking off round here mind as the Stephens day sale about the only bit of queing we need to do

People may see it as a waste of money and that's debatable as everyone has different views on how to spend their money

But one things for sure

There is ONE THING you can NEVER get back


and that one thing is


^^^^ Yep, once it's gone it's gone forever

Availing of this service is just trading money for time

Paying people to do shizzle you don't want to do

Which is why it is pretty mind boggling when people take such great pride in doing everything themselves

Fair play to you and whatever floats your boat

But you could get a MUCH better job done in a quicker space of time for LESS stress and hassle 

if you just paid a few bob

Like people trying to get fit before joining a gym

Yes there may be the odd person that this works for but for 9/10 they make little, if any, progress

And the people that do make progress waste away a lot of time that could of been better used

Fair play to anyone that does it but time with family and doing the things we love is something that can never be got back if we lose it

It's also like business men I've come across who have the philosophy of

"Why would I pay someone to do something I can do myself"

Which leads to them doing a lot of things half assed and constantly stressed as they are always chasing their tail


that's my 2 cents for the morning

If ya want to read the article I came across just check out the link


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