Welcome Jamie David Holland

So if you have been following us on Social Media at all you would of seen that our little boy was born On Saturday night the 28th of December at 10:58PM

It's definitely as good a buzz as everyone says and hard to really put into words

Lorraine was great throughout

and actually very calm throughout most of it

It really is one of these things you have no idea about

Until you go through it yourself

or more to the point

Watch your wife go through

But he came out perfect and very healthy with lovely clear skin and very alert

and it really is a credit to all women who go through it

We are also VERY lucky that all went so well and will be forever grateful for that

While luck plays a massive role we are also in no doubt that Lorraine's work exercising and dieting for 9 months

Has stood to her with her recovery and with the child's health

So now that he's here and everyone is healthy we are also looking forward to giving out some pregnancy training advice to help all the future mammies out there as best we can and burst a few very dopey myths we heard along the way As I didn't want to put too much out during the pregnancy in case something did actually go wrong He's been great so far and actually really quiet with the odd little outburst here and there so hopefully it will stay like that haha If you want to see any more pictures just follow the link here  https://www.facebook.com/dutchysfitness/photos/pcb.2479469602122825/2479469558789496/?type=3&theater I haven't sent an email out since xmas day with all going on and with it being Xmas I knew you wouldn't miss me that much But with Monday the 6th coming round the corner and everyone getting back to business again It's time to get back at it  Looking forward to 2020 now with loads of cool goals that I hope to smash and most of all Becoming a great dad which I'm sure is tougher than any business stuff ever will be If you have any questions on any program or that just shoot me a message here as I'll be back at it now  Think Big And Kick Ass Darragh

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